About Aieie

When looking for a shop name I asked my friends daughter. She replied with AnnieAnnie and I thought that covers all my bases. It’s easy to remember, repetition looks nice. From there I looked at the letters until I found Aieie and loved it.

Vintage was all around from flea markets to yard sales and sometimes just in a magazine. It’s always what I thought was beautiful. Interesting homes and spaces inspire me, they make me want to work with more dedication and live beautifully.

I believe our home reflects our personality and reflects what is important to us. A home is made from living in it and evolving with it-not just decorating. Finding your style is an act of paying attention. It’s the same as finding your hair style or even your hobbies. It strikes you, it’s a bit inexplicable and when you find it you’ve found home.

“A real living space is made not through perfection but by participation.” -Andy Beach

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Chicago, IL, USA