Zama (means dawn in Zapotec)

This is a simple prayer rug style rug with beautiful golden olive tones. I love the details on the design and the playful colors and I love how soft she is. I’d put her in areas of the home where you take care of your family the most. The laundry room for something soft to ground you. In front of a kids crib for when you walk in during the night.

Size: 3 feet x 4.75 feet (35” x 57”)

Pile: Medium

Condition: Good vintage condition, has a slight area where there is a curl probably from getting wet and then not being laid flat, it may still be wavy but she rocks it.

Vintage rugs show signs of wear, this is not considered a defect but a reflection that the rug has stood the test of time. We recommend a rug pad for all rugs to stop slipping and friction. And feel free to vacuum or sweep both sides of any rug to tidy up!

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