Azul 1800

Azul 1800


Azul 1800

Is exactly that. One of the oldest rugs I’ve come across made in the early 1800 and the most beautiful simple blues through out. The quality is up to standard with how they made rugs thousands of years ago. She’s was originally used as a prayer rug, you can see that it is not a symmetrical rug and has a top and bottom. She’s been a soft spot for many.

The colors of the Azul 1800 are gorgeous and even thought she’s worn the durability is palpable-she’ll live another hundred years if you treat her right.

Size: 4 ft x 5 ft (49 inches x 59 inches)

Pile: low woven

Price: 695

Condition: beautiful thinning, for a low traffic area

Azul has define thinning she’s mean for a wall or a low traffic area. She’s meant for a much more romanic area, a softer place at home. Next to a bedside or a reading area. In front of your record player. I love putting these types of pieces in areas where I’ll stand for just a few minutes each day- say in front of a record player or a vanity. I’m personally so drawn to these works of art.

Vintage rugs show signs of wear, this is not considered a defect but a reflection that the rug has stood the test of time. We recommend a rug pad for all rugs to stop slipping and friction. WE do not recommend vacuuming for the Azul 1800. A rug beater, sweeping or shaking out will help this rug maintain life.

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